Partizan will collect, use, store and/or disclose personal information relating to you in connection with the Program, for purposes of administering your involvement in the Program. Partizan uses your personal information primarily to manage your participation in the Program and for other purposes as notified to you or as set out in this Privacy Statement.

Partizan will also collect information about your use of the website through cookies. Partizan will only be able to link this information to you personally if you have provided Partizan personally identifying information whilst using the website. Partizan may use the data Partizan obtains through the use of cookies to customise your website experience by anticipating the information and services that may be of interest to you, to improve the functioning of the website by monitoring traffic in popular areas and to modify the services and information Partizan provides to meet customer demand; and for Partizan’s business purposes, including operation of the website.

Partizan will not use your personal information for any other purposes unless Partizan has your consent to do so or is required to do so by law. If you do not provide personal information when requested, Partizan will not be able to manage your participation in the Program and, as a result, you may not be able to participate. Partizan takes reasonable steps to protect such personal information from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Program Privacy Policy which details (amongst other things) how you can access, correct or complain about the handling of your personal information, and how Partizan will respond to your requests or complaints. If you have any questions or if you would like a copy of the Program Privacy Policy, or if you would like to see or correct your records or if you have any queries or complaints, please contact Partizan at any time by calling 1800 688 675 or writing to the RAS Express team at support@rasexpress.com.

Before you submit any information and agree to enrol in the Program, you should be aware of and consent to the following:

CONSENT: By providing your personal information (including your name, AHPRA registration number, provider number, contact details, and details of your consulting room or any other personal information in connection with the Program), you consent to Partizan collecting and using your personal information in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions and the Program Privacy Policy in order to enrol you in the Program, administer and manage the Program, improve or enhance the Program, or for any other purposes set out in this Privacy Statement or the RAS Express Terms and Conditions.

We may collect personal information about you to:

  • verify your registration information;
  • ensure that only registered healthcare professionals use the website; and
  • improve the services offered by the website.

We may use your AHPRA registration number to confirm that you are a currently registered healthcare professional. We may use your personal information to send you an email confirming your registration and to respond to your questions.

COLLECTION AND USE OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: Partizan may collect personal information directly from you, and also from third parties involved in the delivery of the Program. Partizan may use your personal information to administer the program, to contact you as necessary to clarify certain aspects of your personal information and/or to review your experience/participation in the Program, and your interest in participating in market research in relation to the Program. Your personal information will be stored in a Program database via which it will be accessible by the RAS Express team and their Nominated Users in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions and the Amgen Privacy Policy. Partizan may also disclose your personal information to other persons involved with the Program in connection with the Program, such as Amgen (in relation to program reporting), or third party service providers, in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions and the Amgen Privacy Policy. Partizan may disclose personal and health information to service providers carrying out functions which are identical or similar to those carried out by Partizan in relation to the Program.

You acknowledge and agree that Partizan may use your personal information to provide you with SMS, email and/or other communications in relation to the Program and the service provided under the Program, including the receipt of test completion alerts and other notifications relating to the Program. You can update your contact preferences at any time to determine whether you receive emails and/or SMS (however opting out of all communications is not possible as this will prevent Partizan from being able to administer the Program) by:

  1. Logging into the RAS Express website directly and updating your contact preferences in ‘My Details' section of the website;
  2. Clicking the link in any email communication which will direct you to the contact preferences section on the website;
  3. Calling 1800 688 675; or
  4. Writing to: RAS Express Team at support@rasexpress.com and specifying your contact preferences.

Partizan will comply with your request as soon as practicable.

DATA SHARING WITH Amgen: De-identified information relating to your participation in the Program, such as information about your test requests, will be collated into a report for Amgen. Amgen may use this information for internal purposes, including planning and managing resources for the Program, and analysis and research purposes. Amgen may disclose the aggregated, de-identified information to third parties in order to promote awareness of the Program, for the continued running of the Program and to publish the information in reports or medical publications. You will not be identified in any form of report or publication. Any personal information collected by Partizan on behalf of Amgen will be handled in accordance with Amgen's privacy policy available at http://www.amgen.com.au/privacy-statement/ .